I'm Noga, a PhD student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, supervised by Prof. Michael Schapira. My research interests include, but are hardly limited to:
  • Networking, particularly internet protocols
  • Systems
  • Machine learning
  • Data and exciting datasets
My research is multidisciplinary, and focuses on solving Networking problems using ML in a safe, deployable manner. I have been fortunate enough to intern twice (summer/fall 2018 and 2019) at VMware Research Group in Palo Alto, mentored by Israel Cidon. In the past (2012-2018), I have held several positions at Altair Semiconductor, the latest of which was Computer Vision Researcher. My Computer Science masters' degree, supervised by Yehushoa (Shuky) Sagiv, focused on graph databases. I received my bachelor degree from HUJI as well, majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science.



  • CloudCast: Characterizing Public Clouds Connectivity
    Noga H. Rotman, Yaniv Ben-Itzhak, Aran Bergman, Israel Cidon, Igor Golikov, Alex Markuze, Eyal Zohar. 2022.
  • Pied Piper: Rethinking Internet Data Delivery
    Aran Bergman, Israel Cidon, Isaac Keslassy, Noga H. Rotman, Michael Schapira, Alex Markuze, Eyal Zohar. 2018.